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Welcome to our growing community,
located 10 miles (as the gull flies) north of
Atlantic City, N.J.

Read more about Mystic Island via Wikipedia.

Homepage (updated 6/12/10) - with some more Mystic Island photos
General Directory (updated 4/1/10) - for info on local schools, clubs, organizations
Business Directory (updated 3/19/10) - for info on local restaurants, real estate offices, shops, etc.
Trash Schedule:

Please, contact us if you need a local listing 08087 zip only added to the site. This does include personal pages, not just business. We don't charge for any listings since we consider this to be our community service site. We do not accept advertising at this time, although I will post local events if requested. Thank you for visiting! ~MizMo, Scott's Bait & Tackle,

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NOTE: This is a local website for a section of town in L.E.H.T., NJ.
If you came here looking for the free card games, you are in the wrong location!
There is some confusion due to the names being the same. See:

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