A Virtual Walk Down
To Graveling Point

Heading Down to Graveling Point. Photos Taken March 12, 1998 The View as you walk down Mystic Beach towards the point.

Old Foundation The creek (low tide view)
The old foundation for the merry-go-round. Circa 1970 The creek at low tide.  You have to cross this to reach the point.

Tidal pool at the end of the creek during low tide. Cross here. Heading across the creek. It's easier to cross on the bar.

Forsythe Wildlife Refuge Public Fishing Area = Graveling Point access View back along Mystic Beach w/ creek in foreground
Welcome to Graveling Point Public Fishing Area. View looking back towards Mystic Beach.

The shoreline stretch leading up to the point. Condos on Mystic Beach in background
Graveling Point

Graveling Point
Graveling Point

Distance view of Graveling Point Turning around, looking out towards the Mullica River

Scott's says lots of erosion shown here, loss of at least 4' of sand

Bayberry bushes grown up during the last two years. Irrigation ditch turned into a creek by the tides/erosion

A nice pair of pics of the sunset out beyond the point.  
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