Graveling Point, NJ Spring Striper Run

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Why is Graveling Point such a good striped bass fishing location in the Spring? Graveling Point is an area of land where the deeper water of the Mullica River meets the shallower water of the Great Bay, creating promising water current changes that fish are known to like. In the Spring, the water temperature of the Mullica River is warmer then the bay and ocean temperatures. During the outgoing tide, this warmer water triggers a feeding response in the cold, lazy fish. Graveling Point is also more easily accessible to anglers than other fishing locations along the Mullica River. It is approximately a quarter of a mile to the West at end of Radio Road in Mystic Island. See Map with additional information about Graveling Point itself.

When does the Spring Striped Bass run start at Graveling Point?

Every year we get the same set of I've started this page to keep track. I went back through all the old bulletins and daily reports, looking for notations on first activity and/or first keeper caught.

Well, angler activity officially starts on March 1st, when it's considered opening day of striper season. The water temperature and overall weather really determines when the fishing action breaks loose. Many years, anglers are out there wetting a line as early as the third week in February, even though they can't keep a fish until the 1st of March. First Striper

Dates on First Keeper Striped Bass
weighed in each year at Scott's Bait & Tackle.
Caught at Graveling Point

Bait: Bloodworms
Average water temp: 45-55 degrees needed for Stripers to become active.



2017  April 12 Vincas Kudirka ~ 11.5 lb. 30"
Graveling Point around 11 a.m., water temp today around 54°, caught on a white plastic swim shad lure. Also caught a Black drum 13.4, so the drum have arrived.
  April 5 Some shorts have been reported. Water temp is around 51-52°. Several keepers reported as being tagged/release or just released over the last week, no weigh in yet.
  March 1 Some shorts have been reported. Water temp is around 51°. This temp means the fish are already active so we are having an early spring, fishing-wise.

2016  March 12 Dylan O'Connell ~ 7.83 lb. 29"
Graveling Point around 4:15pm, water temp today 52°, yesterday 54°. One bite, one fish. No other activity reported. Lots of people down there trying today.
  March 9 Some shorts have been reported last few days. Water temp is around 41°
   March 4 Snowed about 1.5 inches. Water temp is around 38°

2015  April 13 Jake Adair ~ 7.5# 28¼"
Graveling Point on clam. 65°F weather. Water temp: 50°F approx.
  March 28 Some shorts reported. Water temp is around 40°
  March 4 First short had been reported...then we had snow March 5! Water temp is around 38°
March 14 We are still waiting for the first keeper bass caught from land. Mystic Island lagoons have just opened back up from being frozen over. Water temp is around 37°

2014  April 19 Dave Curry ~ 8.87# 28.5"
Graveling Point around 8:39 p.m. (weighed in 6:16 a.m. 4/19). 55°F weather. Water temp: 45°F approx. Another keeper was caught some time after that, as well, but not weighed in this morning. Latest land caught keeper for this area since we've been logging it.
  Apr. 17 We are still waiting for the first keeper bass caught from land. It has never been this late! First black drum was caught yesterday, which means bluefish aren't far behind. Water temp is around 47°
  Mar. 23 Two short fish have been reported by the surf anglers over the last couple of days, as well as a few perch. Water temp is still hovering around 40°
  Mar. 1 Season Opens. 35° Weather. Water temp. 32°

2013  Mar. 13 Vincas Kudirka ~ 8.3# 29"
Graveling Point around 3:20 p.m. (weighed in 3:30 p.m.). 50°F weather. Water temp: 45°F approx.
Afternoon blitz reported by several other anglers as well.
  Mar. 11-12 First shorts reported by Alan (Lucky Strike) and Ken Smith. 55° Weather. Water temp. 47°
  Mar. 1 Season Opens. 45° Weather. Water temp. 39°

2012  Mar. 8 Jack Ross ~ 9.54# 30"
Graveling Point around 12:20 p.m. (weighed in 12:51 p.m.). 60°F weather. Water temp: 49°F approx.
  Mar. 7 First reported single short bass caught and released today. The reported water temperature varied from 43° to 49° today; a really big swing.
  Mar. 2 No bites reported, anglers fishing clam or bloodworms. Brendan Craig reports a water temp 8:30 a.m. of 42°
  Mar. 1 This morning's report from Greg O from down at the point was "Fished from 530-930 with 3 other guys out and zero bites. Decent conditions - could have used more wind early - and there was life (diving ducks, crabs picking at bait, and minnies all over the place). Just no fish. Didn't get a thermometer so I don't have a temp but it aint warm to the touch. Has to be close. Maybe the rain/blow coming Sat?"
Crabs are out of the mud already?! Water can't be very cold if that's the case.

2011  Mar. 13 Tom McGeary ~ 9.9# 29"
Graveling Point around 1 a.m. (weighed in 12 p.m.). 50°F weather. Water temp: Around 46°F approx.
  Mar. 11 A phone report of a keeper that was caught Tuesday at Graveling but was not brought in since we were closed, and wasn't brought in Wednesday either. First Keeper prize is still open.
  Mar. 5 A report of a few shorts on Saturday during the rain. Water temp. at Graveling around 42-44°F.

2010  Mar. 16 Ken Smith ~8.7 lb. 28 1/2"
Caught 4:15pm at Graveling Point area. 48°F weather. Water temp: Around 45°F approx.
  Mar. 3 A report of a keeper and a few shorts somewhere north of Mullica River Bridge. No reports from Graveling Point at this time. Water temp. at Graveling around 40°F.
  Mar. 1 Season opened with snow on the ground. Water temp near freezing around 37°F.

2009  Mar. 26 Dan Williamson ~7.0 lb. 28 3/8"
Caught 7:50pm 3/25 at Pebble Beach. Weighed in 7:00am 3/26. 50.7°F weather. Water temp: Around 44°F approx.
   Mar. 22 9:59 a.m. First bites reported earlier this morning! No keeper yet, no shorts reported caught. 50-51° water temps. Three shorts reported the next day that were caught at night.
   Mar. 12 Still awaiting first Keeper, water temp. approx 40°, no bites/shorts reported as yet. Magic number is 44-45°
   Mar. 1 Season Opens - Awaiting first Keeper, water temp. approx 37°

2008  Mar. 26 Lenny Senkarik ~9.0 lb. 29 ¼"
Live fish weighed in 2:45pm 3/26. CAUGHT on bloodworm, outgoing tide at 2:27pm. 65.7°F weather. Water temp: Guessing 48°F approx.
Mar. 2 Got word this afternoon 3/2 that water temps later in the morning on 3/1 were around 42° and stayed there for a good 6 hours during the morning/afternoon. Chris Mulhall of Florence NJ got a 15" short this morning, so there is a chance of real striper activity any time now once those fish warm up a bit!
Mar. 1 Opening Day - early water temps 38°, wind N20-25. Too windy to even feel light bites by perch.

2007  Mar. 14 Mike Barlow ~8.9 lb. 29"
Live fish weighed in 12:51pm 3/14. CAUGHT on Berkley Gulp Bloody Bloodworm, bottom of the tide, incoming water (other shorts caught as well). 55°F weather, Windchill 59.2°F . Water temp: Guessing 44°F approx.
  Mar. 7 SNOW! Water temp. at the point back below 40, waiting for things to warm up again.
  Mar. 3 Water temp. at the point around 40°. First reports of shorts in the 21" range.
  Feb. 28 Water temp. at the point (per George) 34° today. Season Opens Tomorrow March 1st.

2006  March 5 Randy Sloan of Whiting ~10.3 lb. 30"
Weighed in 10a.m. 3/5. CAUGHT 10-10:30p.m. 3/4 (tide half way incoming, other shorts caught as well). 40°F weather, Windchill 30°F . Water temp:44°F approx.
   March 4 First confirmation of shorts - at least 9 on the evening of the 3rd.
   February 25 Water temp: 44°F on incoming tide this week

2005  March 29 Lenny Senkarik ~6.8 lb. 27"
6 a.m. 3/30 weigh-in, caught 5:15pm 3/29 (witnessed and called in) Rainy day, 55°F weather. Water temp:45°F
  March 21-23 Belated reports of short fish and bites! ~ posted March 26
  March 12 No reports of bites yet. Winter weather this past week ranging from 65°F on Monday to 14°F on Friday. 3/12 Water temp:41°F (approx)
  March 1 Season opens with ice on the lagoons. 3/1 Water temp:30°F (approx)

2004  March 6 Greg O'Connell ~8.1 lb. 28"
12:44 p.m. weigh-in, caught 12:20 p.m. Rainy day, 50 degree weather. Water temp:46°F
   March 3 Yesterday evening water temp reported (at A.C.) was 38°F. We had skim ice on the lagoon a few days ago.
No reports yet, shorts or otherwise.

2003  March 21  Anthony Pitucci ~ 8.8 lb. 27"
1:35 pm weigh-in, Foggy day, 50°F weather.
  March 17 A few spikes 12-14" bass have been caught and released the past couple of days. Surface 50°F on warmest days, deeper water still 39°F
  March 1 Ice on lagoons at March 1st, water temp at G.P. estimated 35-40°F max

2002  March 1 Willard Hatcher ~ 13 lb. 30 1/2"

2001  March 16 Chris Sylvestro ~ 8 lb. 14 oz 29 1/2"
March 15 First report 16" short at Graveling Pt.
March 2 First report of a short, up in Mullica river

2000  March 3 Chris Sylvestro ~ 8 # 2oz 28 1/4"
No shorts reported prior to the keeper fish being caught

1999  March 24 Aaron Moore ~ 20# 5 oz 36"
March 7 Slow, first shorts/bites reported Graveling Pt.

1998  March 7 Henry Thompson Jr. ~ 9# 4 oz 29 1/2"
February 23 First shorts reported Graveling Pt.

1997  March 9 Alan Young ~ 11# 12 oz 31"

1996  March 22 Ed Varga ~ 13# 31 1/2"

1995   March 27 Ken Smith ~ 30# 8 oz

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