Map Collins Cove

Collins  Cove  off Mullica River, NJ
Collins Cove is that area where you see boats yearly, and ice fishermen during the winter when you drive south down the parkway over the Mullica river bridge. Going over the bridge, the Cove is on the right, and Chestnut Neck Boatyard is on the left.

To get to the cove: Take Exit 48 onto Route 9, drive past the boatyard until you come to where RT 575 forks right off of Rt 9. Follow 575 down to RT 624 (you'll see Port Store on corner). Turn right onto 624, going under the Parkway overpasses. Just past the overpasses is a Dirt Road on the right. Take the dirt road, which runs north towards the Mullica River, until you come to the parking lot at the pheasant/quail range. From the parking lot, there is a beaten path you can walk down to get to Collin's cove.
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