Crabbing Spots

Ocean County locations for crabbing:

Rt. 539/Green Street, Tuckerton
Map of [1247-1398] S Green St Tuckerton, NJ 08087, US (puts you close).

All the way at the end of the road, there is a small park area with railings around it, parking, a pavilion, and a bathroom.   Good area for crabbing, so-so for fishing since it's harder to get at the fish.  Good crabbing location when going with small children.

Great Bay Blvd/Seven Bridges Road, LEH
Map of First Bridge Marina:609-296-1888 500 Great Bay Blvd Little Egg Hbr, NJ 08087, US.

The first bridge is especially nice, as the bridge itself has a pedestrian walkway along one side.

The second and third bridge areas don't have easy access from bridges, but you could crab along the banks of the creeks.

Playhouse Road E., Mystic Island
Map of [868-868] E Playhouse Dr Tuckerton, NJ 08087, US.

Down Radio Road, before Big Creek Bridge.  Left turn, end of road.  Crabbing along the edge of the lagoon. There are the remains of an old dock area, pilings and such.

Big Creek Bridge, Mystic Island
Map of 1165 Radio Rd Little Egg Harbor Twp, NJ 08087-1500, US (puts you close).

Not as easy as some areas for crabbing, much more boat traffic through the creek, so you have to be careful to stay out of the way.  NO parking near the bridge, police will ticket you if you are too close.

Bass River Bridge area, New Gretna
Map of Bass River, NJ US.

One of the best spots I have found is the bass river under the parkway and Rt 9 bridge. Going south on Rt 9 go over the bridge make your first left or right and go back along the bridge. Be careful if you are in a low to the ground vehicle their are some real big holes. Hit the tide right and you will catch larger crabs. As the tide goes down so does the size of the crabs. No bottom fishing, there are more snags than I have ever seen in one spot. Bring the kids and have a nice time.
Suggested by~Paul Holzinger, Jamesburg NJ. visiting Mom and Dad in Tuckerton

Try End of Dock Road, Parkertown
Map of [352-359] Dock St Tuckerton, NJ 08087, US.

Off Rt. 9 in Parkertown, just south of West Creek, take Dock Street out to the end. There is a new and very long bulkhead, bathroom facilities, and a small beach with a lifeguard post. This may be a good park to take children crabbing, but there is NO RAILING on the bulkhead, so keep an eye on small kids (life jacket still recommended for little ones). There were broken docks here in years past, but they are gone and the bulkhead is new.
Suggested by~Alice Fields/Cam Summerfield

Berkeley Island County Park
Map of 399 Brennan Concourse Bayville, NJ 08721-3606, US.

There is a good park for fishing and crabbing and its also has a playground for the kids, plus it has a bathing beach located on the other side of the park which has a lifeguard. All around I give this park a 9.5 out of 10 Suggested by~Mike

Mantoloking Bridge.
Map of Mantoloking, NJ US.

(South of Point Pleasant) on Rt. 528/Mantoloking Road. North Side. 7-9 ft of water.
Suggested by~Mark Alfieri

Barnegat Bay.
Map of Cranberry Inlet, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751, US (puts you close - I need a more specific address for this one ~MizMo).

It's the Seaside Heights docks aka Cranberry Inlet between Lavallette and Seaside. Crabbing hasn't been amazing, but you can catch a good two to three dozen depending on the time you go and the weather. We found that crabbing during a light drizzle or when its overcast is perfect. Hope this helps!
Suggested by~Colleen

Good Luck Point.
Map of Good Luck Point, Bayville, NJ 08721, US (puts you close).

In Ocean Gate, just a little south of the Seaside Bridge is a great spot, and so are the little creeks by the Bridge to nowhere just a hair north of the Causeway Bridge by LBI.
Suggested by~Patrick M. McCoy

Lavalette/West Point Island Bridge.
Map of West Point Island, NJ US.

Under the bridge connecting Lavallette to West Point Island is a great spot during the day from 10am-1pm. I have crabbed there numerous times and I have caught from 10-15 crabs in an hour. So head on over there and crab. Happy Crabbing!
Suggested by~Michael Centorrino

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Cumberland County locations for crabbing:

Dividing Creek
Map of Dividing Creek, NJ US. Several places to head out from in this area, see the websites below for more details:  

Dividing Creek Boat Rentals, located in Dividing Creek, N.J.

Phone - (856) 785-2828

Nestled in the Cumberland County's Wetlands, Dividing Creek Boat Rentals is fun for all. Fishing, Crabbing, Birding and more... We feature 4 & 5 passenger Carolina Skiff boats and Evinrude Motors, and now our newest 6 passenger Carolina Skiff with optional canopy. Our customer assistance boat will check on you 3 or 4 times a day. Our signs will let you know where the "hotspots" are.

Downe by the Creek Boat Rentals, located in Dividing Creek, N.J. owned by Steve & Chris Byrne.

Phone No. (for directions - 856-785-0008). Boats can be reserved also.

This is a well run rental,with clean boats, rest rooms, etc.  And the owners are very interesting and helpful.   The parking is spacious and there is a restaurant on the property also. Call, and if you have to leave a message, Steve will call you back.
  Suggested by~Tom Wilson

Beaver Dam Boat Rentals, located at 514 Old Beaver Dam Rd, Newport, NJ 08345

Phone - (856) 447-3633

Kayak and Canoe Rentals, plus tours.
Beaver Dam Boat Rentals is a great outdoor recreation destination. We offer an opportunity to spend the day crabbing, bird-watching, kayaking and canoeing. We are a great, affordable family fun stop. You can bring your own crabbing supplies or we can help you with what you'll need to get started. Spend as long as you want, catching up to a bushel of prime blue claw crab per person! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will tow you to where the crabs are- with no waiting for them to come to you!
  ~Linda Waterman

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Monmouth County locations for crabbing:

Keansburg Fishing Pier, Raritan Bay

 Map of Keansburg Fishing Pier:732-495-8842 275 Beachway Ave Keansburg, NJ 07734, US.

For Crabbing spots, the Keansburg pier right behind the amusement park is good. The pier is especially good if you rent scoopers for 7 bucks and net the blue crabs that hang on the piling.
Suggested by~ Rich Hawran

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Atlantic County locations for crabbing:

Off Mays Landing-Somers Point Road (EGG HARBOR TWP.)

 Map of 1041 Mays Landing Rd Egg Harbor Twp, NJ 08234, US (puts you close).

I lived in South Jersey for over twenty years and loved crabbing. Some of the best places to crab were in Egg Harbor Twp. just off Mays Landing-Somers Point Rd. as you approach Somers Point, on the left one can see the meadows where loads of crabs can be found. Best time to go is in the fall when the crabs are fat and ready for winter. Just park your car and wade through the tall grassy meadows or find a path to lead you to the water. Hope you enjoy my spot.
Suggested by~ Sue Rorer


 Map of E. Poplar Ave Linwood, NJ 08221, US

Behind the Linwood Country Club, On the bay banks, at the end of Poplar Ave. Went there as a kid with my grandfather a few dozen times. Usually caught about 24 to 40 mediums per trip. My grandfather and Uncle Lou crabbed this spot for 40 years before they exposed me to this muddy, labor-intensive practice. Good eatin' though. My favorite food in the world..spaghetti and crabs.
Suggested by~ Don Perrone

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