Scott's Daily Fishing Report

Thursday, April 16, 2015 /\/\/\ 2:30pm  
Hi Everyone,

We have had multiple customers coming in this morning saying how great the fishing has been. All week anglers have catching been a lot of short stripers from Graveling Point and Pebble Beach which are at the end of the Radio Road in Little Egg Harbor Township. The shorts are ranging from 14 to 27 inches and a couple of just barely keepers have been caught too. Jake Adair finally weighed in our first keeper striper on Monday which was six days earlier then last year. Next reward is for the first blue fish to be caught from land at either Graveling Point or Pebble Beach to be weighed in here and that is also for a $100 gift certificate.

The first Black drum fish was caught last night a Pebble Beach. We did not get a weigh-in, but several customers told us that the Black Drum was about 25 pounds. Earlier this morning, another angler tried to drag another good size Black Drum up onto Graveling Point and broke his line. There were Black Drum fish weighed in over at the Absecon Sportsman center too. Big Drum Fish in the area means use caution and secure those surf rods because bigger fish like those drum will drag the gear right on into the water.

We just received a batch of bloodworms this morning and more are due again tomorrow. We also have fresh shucked clams available and more coming tomorrow, but I have a feeling that we are going to be shorted again. I guess get the bait when you can. We have fresh bunker too and another batch also ordered for Friday. Since shucked calms are in short supply, we will also be getting clams in the shell Clams have been becoming more and more in demand as the stripers are now becoming more active elsewhere in New Jersey. The better bite has been on bloodworms; anglers are reporting their bigger bass on clams.

For this upcoming weekend, we couldn't ask for better weather conditions. Saturday is going to be a high of 71 degrees with winds NW 10 to 15 mph. Sunday is looking like a high of 54, winds ENE, 10 to 15 mph. Grab your gear, come get your bait and go fishing.

On Saturday, April 18th from 8:00am until 12:00pm Will Nitschmann will be here in the store to answer any questions and to educate about the Tsunami line of products. As a special for the whole day on Saturday, we will be offering 10% off of all Tsunami product line and a 10% discount any special orders for product placed with Will. Selected free gifts will also be included with any Tsunami rod purchased too.

We hope to see everyone this weekend!
Sea Ya -SBT Crew

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 /\/\/\ 10:00am  
Hi Everyone,

Finally, our first keeper striper has been caught by Jake Adair. 28 ¼ inches weighing in at 7.5lbs. Congratulations Jake, nice catch. Graveling Point has been great with catching shorts. There have been many people have been going out there and catching at least 3 short stripers. Still no consistent keeper catch, but catching shorts has been consistent. Blood worm has been the bait of choice with getting a very consistent bite, but many people have also been trying clam and the bite has been getting better with clam. We also have fresh bunker in stock as well for limited time, until our next shipment comes in. We have clams in the shell for the time being, fresh shucked clams should be coming in this week. We are all stocked up on bloodworms and ready to go.

We have had adult size bunker in the bay as of last week. The bunker have been reported up the river and people have been fowl hooking them when reeling their line back in. With that said, bluefish are close by. Laughing gulls also showed up last week with the adult bunker, so our time frame for blue fish is 2 to 3 weeks when we will see them. We are now putting our bounty out for the first bluefish caught at Graveling Point, $100 gift certificate for the person that catches it. We just had 1st keeper striper, now all we need is bluefish, but like I said; give it 2 to 3 weeks until we see them.

Don't forget to mark your calendars for April 18th, 8am to 12pm we will be having our Tsunami rep here at the store to answer any questions and to explain products. Click here for more details:

We hope to see everyone this upcoming week and weekend. We will keep everyone updated with how fishing is at Graveling Point. Also check out our Facebook page for updates as well.

-SBT Crew

Thursday, April 9, 2015 /\/\/\ 2:00pm  
Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the lack of reporting this past week, it has been "under the weather". From the reports we had from last Friday the bite was very good. Lots of shorts were caught last Friday, only 1 short was caught on Saturday. A few employees went out Saturday and said it was very windy, no castability, and the current was too strong. They were using 3oz sinkers with bloodworms and they caught nothing but seaweed and 1 eel. We had lots of people go out on Easter, but very little feedback came back. Monday was a great day, very sunny, bait was flying out the store like it was going out of style. We couldn't have asked for a nicer day.

So far this week it has been raining, but people have been catching down at Graveling Point. Plenty of shorts being caught, and again up the Mullica river has been producing a lot better. The shorts have been ranging from 14 to 27 inches, and we are still waiting for that first keeper. We've heard there are lots of bait fish in the bay, with herring and bunker sightings, as well as some sand eels being spit up by the striped bass.

We have been selling plenty of grass shrimp for people perch fishing; where they are fishing for them, we have no idea, best guess would be Amass Landing road near the Oyster House, or off of the aluminum pier by Parkway exit 50.

We have another event coming up on April 18th in the store from 8am to 12pm. Our Tsumani Rep will be here to answer any questions and to educate about Tsunami products. We will be giving 10% off of Tsunami rods plus along with buying a rod you will receive a free gift as well. We advise everyone if you want to learn more about Tsunami products, April 18th is the day to come in and check us out. If you know of a Tsunami rod that we do not have in store and you would like to special order that, we can do that as well and it would still be 10% off. For more information and news updates click here:

We are waiting for this weather to break so we can start having people go out and fish. We are stocked up on fresh shucked clams and bloodworms. We hope to see everyone this upcoming weekend for some great weather and hopefully great fishing as well.

P.S. For more news and updates check out our facebook page: and like our page as well to see recent updates, bait changes, and upcoming events.
Sea Ya -SBT Crew

Name: johnny magnum
Boat Name: thats ducked up
Phone: 856 979 5310
Website: http://
Report Details
Date of Trip: 04/02/15
Location of Trip: hay road, in boat
Species Sought: shorts and perch
Time of Day Fished: Morning After Sunrise
Tide Fished: High (Outgoing water)
Weather Conditions: Sunny
Wind Conditions: 10-20 kts. S
Sea Conditions: less than 2 ft.
Primary Bait: Clams, Fresh
Secondary Bait: Bloodworms
Lure Used: No Lures Used (Rig or Hook Only)

Fishing Report:
First boat trip of season, lots of catfish and shorts (striped bass) on clam. Perch were voracious, and huge. Gold perch hooks w/gold spinner blades did the trick. Capt Chubbs landed biggest short of 20inches.
~johnny magnum

Friday, April 3, 2015 /\/\/\ 4:25pm  
Hi Everyone,

Yes we know the rain is here today but we will only benefit from that one, so we hope, since stripers like bad weather. The water temperature that someone reported in today by Chestnut Neck Boat Yard was 47 degrees. People have went out fishing today and again plenty of shorts to go around down at Graveling Point. The stripers are anywhere from 16 to 27 inches, so again any day now we should be seeing our keeper. They turned on around 10 a.m. and a call from another customer a few minutes ago said he'd been there 3 hours with a steady bite. Reports are coming in on bloodworms and clams. Also plenty of fish being caught up the river as well, so right about now you can go anywhere and be in a great spot to fish.

Blood worms, fresh shucked clams, salted clams, and trout worms are in. Trout season opens tomorrow on Saturday the 4th so get your freshwater gear ready, head to Tuckerton Lake and have a great time. The lure that worked great last year on the trout was the Blue Fox, baby brown trout lure or any of the kastmasters in gold color.

Winds tomorrow on Saturday will be blowing SW 20 to 30 MPH but dont let that scare you away from trying to get that striper, it could be caught any day any time, in any type of weather, the only thing to do is keep chomping at the bit and trying.

We hope to see everyone this weekend and if we don't, everyone here at Scott's Bait & Tackle would like to wish all of our customers a wonderful and happy Easter.
Sea Ya -SBT Crew

Thursday, April 2, 2015 /\/\/\ 2:00pm  
Hi everyone,

Today is going to be a great day to be out there on Graveling Point fishing. Yesterday we heard customers could not keep the fish off of their rods. The bite was on yesterday and hopefully that is a great sign for things to come. People were catching lots of little stripers, more with bloodworms and bigger stripers with clams. Weather today is going to be a high of 56, but it feels like 58 right now. The wind after 2pm will start to pick up being 20-30 SW winds.

We just received our fresh shipment of bloodworms today at 11:30am. Ten full flats of worms are ready to go around, so come stop on in and grab your bait for this awesome weekend coming up. We will be getting fresh shucked clams in on Friday between 10am and noon time.

The weather for Friday is calling for 80% chance of rain, but for this weekend, we couldn't ask for a nicer weekend coming up. Saturday is looking to be 53 degrees and Easter Sunday will be 58 degrees. Monday as well is looking like another great fishing day with a high of 61 degrees. After Monday, the weather is going to just be crappy from what the weather reports are saying. We are looking to have rain from Tuesday to Saturday, but we will keep everyone posted on that.

Another event coming up here at Scott's Bait & Tackle. The last one went so well, we thought we would do another one. This time we will have Will Nitschmann from Folsomcorp, coming here to explain and educate our customers on Tsunami Rods. He will be here on April 18th, 2015 from 8am to 12pm. Will we answer any questions you have about Tsunami rods or product. We will be offering 10% off of Tsunami rods in store. Along with buying a rod in store at 10% off, you will also receive a free gift! The free gift will last from 8am to 12pm, after 12pm all rods will still be 10% for the rest of the day, this goes for special orders as well. So mark your calendars and we hope to see everyone there. Click here to view and join the event:
Sea Ya -SBT Crew

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 /\/\/\ 4:07pm  
Hi Everyone,

We have great weather coming up this weekend, aside from Friday being 61 degrees and raining. That will for sure get that water temp rising. For the past week or so the water temperature has been hovering around 43 degrees. Saturday's weather is going to be 52 degrees with a NW wind blowing 25 to 35 mph. Easter Sunday will be 55 degrees and sunny, with SW winds 15 to 25 mph. Wind-wise it may not be ideal fishing weather, but temperature-wise it is right there!

There were lots of shorts today being caught off of Graveling Point that we were hearing about from our customers. Everyone that was coming through the door today was buying bloodworms and clams. We will be getting a nice new fresh shipment of bloodworms on Thursday midday, so get your gear together and be ready to fish. The 1st keeper striper is going to be here any day. Up towards Hay Rd like usual, the bite has been a lot better with plenty of shorts to go around. People have also been catching the white perch in the mix. Again, all on bloodworm is what they have been using.

We have had some customers coming in buying grass shrimp for perch fishing, so they must be catching. Where exactly, we do not know. Amass Landing road off of the pier is always good for perch fishing. Also at the end of the same road near the Oyster House is a nice spot, too.

We will have bloodworms, fresh shucked clams, and hopefully grass shrimp in stock for the upcoming weekend. Hope to see everyone this weekend.

Sea Ya -SBT Crew

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 /\/\/\ 3:00pm  
Hi Everyone,

We just received our shipment of bloodworms and we are ready for the weekend. We should be getting fresh shucked clams in on Friday, along with green crabs. Stripers are around the corner getting ready to bite, and tog are coming into the mix as well, which means one more species can be fished for. If you would like, S & S Bucktails has a new tog jig that can be special ordered in the store with us or ordered online. To check them out click here:

There have been shorts caught already at Graveling Point and up the Mullica River up past the Parkway Bridge. They are on their way down. People have been catching the outgoing tide because it helps warm up the water in the bay up when you have that warm river water running out. Outgoing tide would be the ideal tide to fish, but as people have proved to us in the past, a keeper or short can be caught on any tide.

Thursday's weather is looking like a wash out but with being 61 degrees and raining, it should definitely help that water temperature rise. Friday we are looking at some rain as well. Saturday is definitely looking like a great fishing day; temperature is high of 39 with overcast. If you have the time to fish, I would say Saturday is going to be a great day to try. Sunday even looks better than Saturday. Sunday will be high of 46 and clear and sunny skies. It will be a great weekend for fishing coming up and we hope to see people catch. Catching shorts will be fun and it will definitely get people excited, but once that keeper is caught, then it is game on for our Graveling Point fishing, and we will be sure to let everyone know.

Perch are still up the river near Hay Road, we have not heard any other updates saying otherwise. We are stocked with grass shrimp and bloodworms. At this time of year, you could also try the Green Bank or Lower Bank bridges along the river.

We are trying to get more minnows than what we have at the moment, due to the pickerel tournament this weekend, so give us a call to make sure that we will have minnows, we are trying, but again the water is still cold. We'll update the online bait board (link is to the right) when we do.

We hope to see everyone this upcoming weekend with this wonderful weather we are going to have. Hopefully the fish bite is on and we have 30+ people fishing out at Graveling Point. If you are fishing Graveling Point and see a lot of people out there or catch some shorts, feel free to take a picture and email it to the store at mail @
Sea Ya -SBT Crew

Monday, March 23, 2015 /\/\/\ 6:00pm  
Hi Everyone,

Here is a quick update from our fishing report that was posted yesterday. We sold out of fresh shucked clams; we should be getting more fresh shucked clams in on Friday. We also sold out of bloodworms, and we will be getting more of them in on Wednesday. We have plenty of grass shrimp for the people that want to go out perch fishing.

We heard that the perch were further up the river near Hay Road. People have been trying to fish for them around here but it has not been promising.

The update on the water temperature is now 39 degrees. The water Temperature is slowly climbing so any day now there should be that constant bite at Graveling Point with the short bass. Again, up the Mullica River they had a nice bite of short bass on Saturday, so that should mean that at Hay Road they should be picking the bass up as well.

The upcoming forecast for this week looks mostly sunny besides on Thursday and Friday, there is a chance of rain. Being that on Thursday it will be 60 degrees and raining, it should definitely warm that water up. This upcoming weekend should be very productive at Graveling Point with the bass. Even if it is just shorts, it is something to bend the rod and there may be a keep in the mix, you never know.

We should have all baits ready to go for the weekend for the stripers, so come on in and grab your baits, plugs, jigs, and soft baits. We hope to see everyone this upcoming week and weekend.
Sea Ya -SBT Crew

Sunday, March 22, 2015 /\/\/\ 1:30pm  
Hi Everyone,

Well, this was an interesting week. On the first day of spring we had snow. It looks like in the upcoming forecast we have great weather coming and NO SNOW!!! Yes, it looks like we have rain for this upcoming Thursday, but at least it is not snow. This week we should have temperatures 40 degrees and above and the water temp will be rising again. At the moment it is 38 degrees.

We had some nice fishing up the Mullica river yesterday. Lots of short bass were being caught up past the parkway bridge. Up the river is definitely a warmer water temp, so hopefully that means Graveling Point will be turning on soon...maybe this week? We have fresh shucked clams and bloodworms for bait to go Graveling Point fishing.( Update: Sunday afternoon, sold all fresh clam and bloodworms before we closed up for the day. Next worms due Wednesday late morning ) Just a suggestion for everyone, bloodworms are definitely the bait of choice for the early start of the season for bass. They are looking for food that is easily digestible, since they are feeling sluggish from the cold.

We haven't heard of too much info on the perch fishing, but we do have bloodworms and grass shrimp ready to go for those people that would like to go try. There were a couple people yesterday fishing off of the aluminum pier on Amass Landing Road on Saturday. That spot has always done well for the perch and people have caught short bass in there on occasion.

It looks like we have another store event in the mix coming in the near future so keep checking back to see when it will be and for more information on it. We hope to see everyone in the upcoming weeks since it is getting nicer out and the water is heating up.
Sea Ya -SBT Crew

Thursday, March 19, 2015 /\/\/\ 10:40am  
Hi Everyone,

We had some form of life at Graveling Point this week. From what we heard from reliable sources is that 2 little short bass were caught so far. One at 18 inches on Monday and another one at 22 inches caught on Tuesday. There have been multiple hits, but not to many hook ups. Remember during the early season that when the bass are eating and you see your rod start to have hits, give it a few seconds before setting the hook. Let them taste what they are eating before jumping the gun and setting the hook too early because that will only scare them away.

The weather for Friday is not going to go in our favor. We are talking about cold, cold, cold! The weather is calling for snow, but we will see how that goes. The cold definitely is not going to want to make people go outside and fish. Saturday is looking very promising with a high of 51 and partly cloudy. Hopefully the wind lays down enough so the temperature doesn't feel colder than what it actually is. The water temp is 38 degrees at the moment, so the bass should be venturing out and being caught at Graveling Point pretty soon. Most of next week we are looking at temperatures in the mid 40's with rain in the forecast for Thursday.

We have grass shrimp, bloodworms, and fresh shucked clams in stock. People keep asking if any fish are being caught yet, and only a select few people have been going out fishing and have seen little results, but little results are better than no results. Think of fishing as playing the lottery, you never know if you are going to win if you don't play, well you never know if you are going to catch a fish if you don't try.

We hope to see everyone this upcoming weekend with a break with the somewhat decent weather. Keep checking in with our fishing reports or like our facebook page: to see when the bite turns on.
Sea Ya -SBT Crew

Sunday, March 15, 2015 /\/\/\ 2:30pm  
Hi Everyone,

Our event this past weekend was a big hit with everyone. We would like to thank Stanley, owner of S & S Bucktails for coming down to show his new product and also answer customers questions and explain to them how his products are fished. The turn-out was impressive and it seemed like everyone enjoyed having an event at the store. Hopefully in the future we will have another one going on so keep watch in our fishing reports for post or like our Facebook page: for more updates on events.

There are still no reports of stripers from Graveling Point. We have had customers fishing off of Graveling Point but all they reported back was nibbles and hits but no hook ups. We are stocked with Bloodworms and Fresh Shucked clams. We have the bait, now we just need the fish.

The water temp right now reading out of Atlantic City is 36 degrees. It's slowly climbing up to the temperature we need it to be. A warming trend is forecasted for this upcoming week, Mondays temperature is high of 52, Tuesday is a high of 53, then Wednesday it will be cold again with a high of 38, Thursday will be a high of 45, then Friday we are looking at 44 with snow coming in at less than an inch but will most likely turn to rain. Next weekend is looking very promising with both Saturday and Sunday being clear with a high of 48 on both days.

We hope to see everyone more and more in the upcoming weeks.

Sea Ya -SBT Crew

Name: Jim Hutchinson Sr.
Boat Name:
Phone: 609-290-5942
Report Details
Date of Trip: March 9, 201
Location of Trip: N/A
Species Sought: N/A
Time of Day Fished: Morning After Sunrise
Tide Fished: Non-Tidal Waters (Fresh)
Weather Conditions: Partly Sunny/Partly Cloudy
Wind Conditions: Do not know info Do not know info
Sea Conditions: Do not know info
Primary Bait: (Other)
Secondary Bait: No Second Bait Used
Lure Used: (Other)

Fishing Report:
There have been several changes over the winter in the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association. The biggest change was a sad one for the Association with the passing of Captain John Koegler of the boat "Pop's Pride." Captain John was a founding father of the BHCFA and a fixture on the fishing scene in Beach Haven. His presence will be missed by all, especially those teenagers in the Junior Mates Program. This program had a special place in John's heart.

Association President Captain Jimmy Zavacky reports the Association has added four new sponsors along with a new captain, Ray Lopez. Representatives of the Association have been on hand at four fishing flea markets in the area along with several boat shows including the Atlantic City Boat Show. Upcoming events include the Armed Forces Leisure and Travel Show at Lakehurst on March 17 and the Little Egg Harbor Fishing Flea Market on March 29.

Captain Fran Verdi of the "Francesca Marie" has been busy this winter speaking at the Atlantic City Boat Show and being active in the New Jersey chapter of the Recreational Fishing Alliance. He is already making plans for some early season striped bass and black drum fishing expeditions.

Captain Carl Sheppard of the "Star Fish" reports he is having a stainless steel shoe made for the boat's keel. He is doing this as a double measure of protection for "Star Fish's" keel. He is having the boat's rugs replaced and the deck re-gel coated. He is utilizing the help of some of the members of the Junior Mates Program in making the boat shiny and ship-shape.

Captain Gary Dugan of the "Irish Jig" has been putting time in at several boat and fishing shows trying to pick up some new strategies and techniques to use on the water. He reports that he has been fine tuning his shark fishing skills and plans to put them to good use.

Captain John Lewis of the "Insatiable" kept busy over the winter making boat deliveries to Florida and several other locations. His next trip will be to Mexico. Captain John is excited that he will have a new boat in 2015. He has purchased the "Slammer," a 44-foot Henriques. He is installing new electronics, improving on the amenities, and will rename her.

Captain Ray Lopez has been upgrading many of the amenities on the "Miss Liane." He has added a new Garmin plotter/fish finder along with new outriggers, cushions and trolling equipment. He and his first mate Liane are looking forward to their first year as members of the BHCFA.
~Jim Hutchinson Sr.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 /\/\/\ 1:21pm  
Hi Everyone,

Man is it good to be back and open again. If only we could get this cold weather out of here, then people could get out fishing. It was a long winter but now that we are open we are ready for action.

As always we have our $100 Gift certificate out there for the first Stiper caught off of Graveling Point/Pebble beach area. Once this ice thaws and the temperature rises, people will be able to put there sand spikes in the sand, rather than the ice. Water temp for today is 33 degrees so we have some time before we start seeing some action. We should start getting a bite around 43-45 degrees, so hopefully soon we wil have a nice warm week to get that water temp up a little bit.

Fishing Collins Cove, we haven't seen to much action there but over the weekend we had a bunch of guys fishing off of Amas Landing road in that cove off of exit 50 on the parkway. We heard there was a good bite there ice fishing.

It looks like 2 people weighed in some nice size bass at Absecon Bay Sportsman the other day. It looks like the bass were caught at Oyster Creek. They said the water was about 43 degrees coming out of the plant so it seems to be the bite is starting off nice for the season up there.

As I'm writing this report I'm still looking at ice out on the lagoon out back, but that shouldn't stop anyone from coming in and grabbing some rig tying material to get started for the season with. We have some new Salt Life shirts here, so come on in and check them out as well. We hope to see everyone soon.

NOTE: We will have clams and bloodworms on Friday afternoon.
Sea Ya -SBT Crew

Friday, February 27, 2015 /\/\/\ 1:34pm  

We will not have grass shrimp or bloodworms when the season opens on the 1st. We will probably have some nightcrawlers.

Haven't been getting any reports since we haven't been open, but Collins Cove is frozen over. Have not personally seen anyone out there on the couple of times that we were driving by over the last two weeks. For Grass shrimp, ice anglers can try either Captain Howards in Egg Harbor City, or Absecon Bay Sportsmen in Galloway.
Sea Ya -SBT Crew

Sunday, January 11, 2015 /\/\/\ 11:49am  
Reminder: Drop off reel repairs over the winter if you want reels ready for spring fishing!
Store is closed but office is open for online orders, so reels can be dropped off if we are here.
Call ahead to double check before stopping by: 609-296-1300
Sea Ya -SBT Crew

Saturday, January 3, 2015 /\/\/\ 11:18am  
The 6th annual Sunshine Foundation Fishing Seminar will be held on Saturday, February 7, 2015 from 10:00 – 3:00 at the Redman's Lodge – 145 West Main Street, Route 9 – Tuckerton. There will be Coffee and Donuts for early arrivals. Lunch will be Sub Sandwiches. More info in the Fleamarkets & Shows page

No reports coming in as we are closed for winter renovations until Mar. 1st, but there are other places online to look for fishing info over the winter:

Happy New Year, All!
Sea Ya -SBT Crew